"We will never be able to thank Karen enough for being our doula through the birth process of both our sons. Karen's knowledge combined with her serenity and grace under pressure makes her a priceless asset to the birth team. She offers knowledge without pressure and always listens without judgment. During the birth of my second son, through a turn of unfortunate events I was sent home from the hospital, in a storm, at 5cm dilated. I felt abandoned by the system and scared. Karen's knowledge and instincts turned what could have resulted in dire circumstances into a positive experience. "
· Samantha & Peter Wilson Tyrrell

Karen Reed CD(DONA), LCCE
902.864.8971, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Serving the Global Birth Community

Karen Reed is "Passionate About Birth"!

Childbirth is a rite of passage, not a medical event, even if medical care is part of the birth experience. Conceiving, growing a baby, giving birth, breastfeeding and parenting is a continuum. No part of the continuum is less significant than the other. When a woman/couple create a foundation that has cornerstones rooted in trust, courage, awareness and self advocacy it nurtures the whole continuum.

Karen is dedicated to supporting women/couples who are committed to embracing their own unique birth process, to making choices from a place of power and to creating a foundation for nurturing life during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

As well as supporting women/couples in low and high risk pregnancies and births, Karen has a special interest in supporting couples who are choosing a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), or who have experienced birth trauma, including miscarriage or stillbirth.


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Karen Reed is a DONA certified birth doula, a Lamaze certified birth educator and a Birthing From Within mentor.  Karen provides birth support, birth preparation classes and workshops to pregnant women and their families in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.